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Situational Manager

Managers provide useful, specific feedback and reinforce the 'right' performance. Managers and employees work together to assess skill, motivation and confidence needs for different tasks and responsibilities. Managers provide the right style and amount of coaching the employee needs. Enhances the effectiveness of the organization's performance management and appraisal system.


Participants who complete this program will be better able to:

  • Understand the need for different coaching styles for different needs
  • Apply coaching styles that match employee needs and understand style mismatches in specific situations
  • Partner for a collaborative, shared responsibility to coaching and development


  • Three Coaching Skill Sets
  • Build and coach for Accountability
  • Employee Ability, Confidence & Motivation for Preparedness
  • Steps for positive and constructive feedback
  • Direction & Willingness for four Coaching Styles
  • Introducing the method to their team/individual employees
  • Experiential activities, multiple, step-by-step skill practices, application planning


Supervisors thru Executives


Optional 360° Feedback and/or Scenario Questionnaire; Coaching Practice Preparation Worksheet

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Situational Coaching

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